This term,
the Supervised Homework
run from
Tuesday 23/04/2019 to
Wednesday 17/07/2019.


What is supervised homework?

It is a time when pupils can do their homework on the school premises under the supervision of a teacher or an other qualified person. Supervised homework takes places between 3.30 to 5.00 pm.

Who supervises the children?

Teachers but sometimes assistants. In all cases, the responsible adult will be there to ensure the children are working in a safe environment and to answer any questions the children may have. They can offer specialist support and assistance with any areas where children are having difficulties. Otherwise, we will assist on organisation skills, concentration and good working techniques.

Is supervised study really useful for your child?

Firstly, it is useful if your family do not have the time nor the means to ensure that your child works seriously and does what is asked. It is also beneficial for those who need an extra push with strategies for learning or those children who find it difficult to work on their own.